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Miss Hastings Gore

Aunty Judy is a Domestic Disciplinarian and the nations favourite Agony Aunt for all naughty nephews. At least she will be if you are on the wrong end of one her Hand Spankings, Slipperings or Strappings. She also gives her hairbrush a good airing to her most naughtiest of nephews.

E-mail or call 07958 983589 to arrange a visit to Auntys Judy's house of fun. Just dont expect any leniency if you tell her that you have been very,very naughty.

Note from Editor -

Her skill as and adult school mistress and strict aunt are superb and she is very well known for the effectiveness of her over the knee spankings and her prowess with a school cane. I have been caned on many occasions by Miss H and have never been able to sit down afterwards. She can be very severe while still being very accurate.