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Jean Bradley

Jean from is well known for her spanking parties. Jean had been a great contributor to the UK spanking scene for quite some time.

As the photos show, Jean can be very heavy handed. The sub in the picture is me and it hurt!

I have pretty high levels when it comes to taking CP but Jean had me genuinly kicking and screaming across her knee with just a hand spanking. There are very few women who can do that and Jean is one of them.

Her caning skill's are also top notch. A caning from Jean is one you'll remember. She can be very very hard while being accurate.

As well as having top notch CP skills, Jean is an exellent role player with her favourites being Strict Aunty or Headmistress. So if you have a spanking fantasy that you want playing out well, a visit to Jean would be a very good choice.

Jean can be contacted through her website