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Miss Lisa

Naughty boys who visit my study will find themselves bent right over with their bottoms high in the air awaiting my attention. Any shuffling of feet and fidgeting will result in an additional 1 stroke for each offence. For the discipline of naughty adult schoolboys I use a selection of 3 canes, a flexible nursery 8-10 mm, a junior rattan 10-12mm finishing with a senior cane 15mm.

All strokes are delivered hard with a short pause between each stroke. Failing to count each stroke out in an even tempered voice polite and concise would mean doing each individual stroke again until I was satisfied. It's always my aim to see some form of pain in the first 8 strokes with the naughty boy being visibly distressed as I apply the cane hard to his bottom. By the 16th stroke the naughty boy will have lost composure and be openly crying. From strokes 16 to 24 the naughty boy will have lost all composure and bravado. It's in these strokes that I ensure he is properly punished. I deliver each stroke with maximum force in order to guarantee my naughty boy leaves me feeling truly punished.

If on the rare occasion I delivered 24 and felt I had barely touched the surface then I would order the subject to stay in position. After selecting my senior rattan I will continue caning his bare bottom, regardless of boken skin bleeding etc. I always make certain that at the end of the punishment the naughty boy will be feeling that last stroke for at least a week.