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Miss Barnes

I'm Miss Barnes, The truancy officer of My methods are very firm when dealing with men who behave like naughty boys. Bare bottom caning's are my method of correction and I do not hold back when laying on the cane.

When reporting to me, you will confess the exact amount of days you have committed truant on, or the crime you have committed. You will be told to bend over and grip the box. I will pull down your pants and bare your bottom. If you have been playing truant, I will administer 12 strokes for the crime then 6 for every day absent. If you have committed another infraction I will cane your bare bottom accordingly. During your punishment you are not permitted to move. If you do I will just start the punishment again.

There are no safe words when I am caning. If you are bent over being caned by me I will not stop until the punishment is complete.

Did your headmistress give you a safe word at school?

No...Nor will I.

Maybe, you need to visit the strict adult babysitter! The one who's knee you always wanted to be put across but never had the nerve to ask her. I'm one sitter that delights in putting grown men across my knee and slippering their bare bottoms for their wrong doings.

I am available on a limited basis for private one to one discipline sessions as either an adult school truant officer or adult baby sitter.

Please note. I require a deposit for all sessions to avoid time wasters. I don't negotiate on this.

I can be contacted through

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This lady is a member of staff on and I've been punished by her regularly for the past few years and she very good.