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Miss Shanelle

Hello class

I shall begin by introducing myself; I am Miss Shanelle Head Mistress of The VS Finishing School an establishment where the punishment fits the crime for all naughty adult school girls and boys, this school has been running successfully for well over 3 years now with pupils graduating with the highest marks possible. There are rules and discipline procedures that are followed to the letter or you will end up with a sore bottom. You may feel you are ready to step into the realms of my world, if so then visit where you can take a tour viewing photographs, clips and our year book. You may also wish to attend a spanking/C.P party where you will meet like minded scene people.

You may also feel a need to visit me for private tuition, during which time you will treat me with the utmost respect, I abhor ill-manners and non-courteous pupils. I see naughty pupils during term time, where I may test your academic abilities, look at your school report, assess whether you are going to be a mischievous miscreant or the epitome of goodness. Dependant on how you portray yourself during your visit to my study will have a bearing on whether I inform you to bend over your school desk to receive 6 of the best, go over my knee for a spanking or stand in a corner until I am ready to deal with you! The choice is yours but rest assured I will make a fine upstanding pupil out of you.

Please visit

Miss Shanelle